Awful Arby’s Ads Highlight The Problem With Veganism

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it a few million more times before I die: one of the biggest problems with veganism is that it’s seen as unmanly.

Real men eat meat, or so the logic goes. Therefore, those who don’t eat meat aren’t real men. That’s not so much a problem for women, but for guys — especially insecure straight guys who aspire to be seen as virile and masculine and studly — it makes veganism a non-starter.

Who’s pushing these outdated ideas? Advertisers, that’s who. And among advertisers, none are worse than America’s most-loathed fast-food chain, Arby’s. Take a look:

To be honest, I was on the fence about even posting these. I mean, why give Arby’s more publicity?

But I think even Arby’s knows that these cross a line — why else would the company have disabled comments on YouTube?

Personally, I think companies that shy away from criticism, that refuse to face the public, are doomed. In this case, I hope I’m right.

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