Tips for creating a vegan wedding

I’m not planning to get married again anytime soon, but if I were, I would do my best to make the celebration at least vegetarian, if not vegan. This article offers some handy tips from one couple who recently staged a vegan wedding, and though it’s short, it covers nearly all of the bases.

My favorite bit involved letting attendees know. I don’t know that my parents would grouse the same way theirs appear to have done, but that’s only because they’ve come to realize that (a) I’m a bit of a weirdo, and (b) I’m a stubborn weirdo.

The couple received a lot of criticism from their family in friends when they decided to have a vegan wedding; “After all the slack we got about our wedding, all I want to say is, weddings are not about the season or the food, they are simply to celebrate the love between two people. The end!” says Orsini.

Many felt they were “forcing their diet” upon their guests but Orsini sent out an email to anyone who had objections to their plan. “…Veganism is not a diet, it is a way of life. I explained that vegans do their best not to take part in animal exploitation. That is not something I was willing to compromise to please other people,” she said.

Once people got the message and became more open to the idea, the couple moved forward with planning their wedding, sans criticism. We can’t promise you your guests will be as receptive or understand after the first time as Orsini and Flint’s did. Most weddings will receive criticism for one choice or another, but it is after all, your day, and your choices.

Basically, don’t listen to the haters.


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